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The Legacy Continues: Cyber Notary and the Villarreal Family

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 4/12/2024

The Legacy Continues: Cyber Notary and the Villarreal Family 04/12/2024 In 1977, Jose Carlos Villarreal's father became a Notary Public for the State of Texas, laying the foundation for a family legacy of hard work, dedication, and excellent customer service. After years of serving his community, Jose Carlos Villarreal carries on this legacy with Cyber Notary, LLC. This blog will explore the journey of the Villarreal family and how technology has played a... Read More

Understanding Notary Seals: Stamps vs. Embossers

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 3/25/2024

03/25/2024 As a Notary, your official Notary seal stamp or seal embosser is crucial in your daily work. The Notary seal authenticates your signature and makes the notarial act official. This blog post will delve into the difference between notary stamps and embossers and provide tips on using your notary stamp effectively. "Notary seal" is often used interchangeably with stamp and... Read More

How do you handle difficult or unique situations while performing notary services?

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 3/22/2024

03/22/2024 Notary services are often seen as simple and routine tasks, but the truth is that notaries encounter unique and challenging situations in their line of work. As a notary with years of experience, I can attest that the key to handling these difficult situations lies in preparation, professionalism, and problem-solving skills. First and foremost, notaries must thoroughly educate... Read More

Simplifying Your Notary Journal with Jurat Inc: Compliance, Security, and Innovation

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 2/21/2024

02/21/2024 The traditional image of a notary public standing witness to signing important documents might conjure up thoughts of meticulous detail and paperwork. But in today's tech-driven world, the efficiency and innovation of this vital profession are being revolutionized by digital solutions like Jurat Inc.'s The Notary eJournal. For the modern notary public, ensuring compliance while... Read More

Meet Bertilde Jean-Pierre: Your Florida Trusted Mobile Notary/Loan Signing Agent

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 2/18/2024

Meet Bertilde Jean-Pierre: Your Trusted Mobile Notary/Loan Signing Agent 02/18/2024 Regarding important legal documents, you want to ensure everything is in order and that all parties involved have signed the necessary documents. This is where a mobile Notary/Loan Signing Agent like Bertilde Jean-Pierre comes in. With over three years of experience, Bertilde has been providing exceptional notary services to clients in Florida. In this blog post, we'll learn more about... Read More

Get to Know Britni Young, Founder and CEO of Unique Notary Services Inc.

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 2/17/2024

Britni Young, Founder and CEO of Unique Notary Services Inc. 02/17/2024 Hello, fellow notaries! Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Britni Young, the Founder and CEO of Unique Notary Services Inc. With years of experience in notarial services and a passion for helping people make informed financial decisions, Britni has become a trusted name in the industry. In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into her background and expertise so you can get to know... Read More

How to Renew Your Commission as a Notary: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 2/7/2024

02/07/2024 Are you approaching the end date of your term as a Notary Public? Renewing your notary commission ensures continuity in your crucial role of authenticating essential documents. With procedures varying across states, getting a jump start on the process is essential. This comprehensive guide offers insights tailored to notaries across the USA, simplifying the renewal journey every step... Read More

Why You Need a Google Business Profile for Your Notary Business

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 2/2/2024

02/02/2024 In the age of digitization, maintaining an online presence is a non-negotiable aspect of business strategy. For notaries, it's an essential component in a market that thrives on trust and accessibility. Whether you're a veteran notary or just starting, here's why a Google Business Profile is your ticket to greater visibility and credibility. Benefits of Having a Google Business Profile... Read More

Why Trodat is the Best Self-Inking Stamp for Notaries

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 1/30/2024

01/30/2024 As a notary public, you understand the importance of accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism in your daily work. A reliable self-inking stamp is an essential tool that can significantly enhance your notarial duties. Among the various options available in the market, Trodat stands out as the top choice for notaries. This blog post will explore the key features and benefits of Trodat's... Read More

Learn to Handle a Notary Reverse Mortgage Closing with Confidence

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 1/13/2024

Notary Village Lisa Sweeting 01/13/2024 Notary Village LLC, owned and managed by Lisa Sweeting, a National Notary Association Ambassador and State of Florida Notary Education Provider, offers specialized courses and training for notaries in the loan signing business. One of these courses is the Reverse Mortgage Training for Notary Signing Agents. This is a fantastic opportunity for notaries to take on an additional specialty... Read More