Notary with home buyer during signing

Real Estate Notary Services

During the closing process, hundreds of documents may need to be signed by multiple parties. Many of these documents require the acknowledgment of a real estate notary public.

At American Notary USA, we provide professional notary for real estate documents to ensure a prompt and seamless process during real estate transactions. American Notary USA - quality, reliability, stability - that's what you get with us every time!

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Signing mortgage with notary

Electronic Notary Services

It can be difficult to locate a notary when you need one, especially if you are looking one outside of normal business hours. Wouldn’t it be great to find a service where you can locate a notary any time you need one?

AMERICAN NOTARY USA connects you to trusted, professionally licensed & certified online notaries, 365 days a year, who will securely & legally notarize your documents online at your convenience.

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Lady notarizing auto loan

Auto Notary Services

American Notary USA provides auto notary and document signing services for car dealerships. These services are necessary to ensure accurate and valid transactions in the auto industry.

Identity theft and credit fraud are two very common and serious crimes that significantly impact auto dealerships and lenders. Implementing professional document signing services can help prevent dealerships being subject to claims.

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Customer searching for a notary

Notary Access

You can search for a notary public by city, county, or even zip code! Search for a notary near you and take a look at their rating to make sure you get only the best.


We offer only the highest quality Trodat and Xstamper products available on the market today. Our products are precision crafted to deliver superior results time after time. So whether you're looking for a notary stamp, custom stamp, dater, message stamp, or create your own custom stamp has you covered!

Notary stamping a document

Notary Scheduling

You can use our website to post events which require notary services. Our premium members have instant access to your events. You can also reach out to a notary and schedule an event.

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American Notary LogoOur paid memberships are month-to-month subscriptions. If you are not thrilled with the service you get, you are free to cancel at any time. We are also available to help you make the best use out of your membership. If you are not receiving the exposure you'd like, please feel free to contact us anytime. We will be happy to help.

It takes some time to gain exposure before you start receiving the tremendous benefits that come to our notaries. We ask you to fill out your profile completely in order to assure our search engine indexes your information completely. Thank you for considering American Notary USA. You won't regret it!

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