Prime Auto Notary Services

Prime Auto Notary Services Offered by American Notary USA

American Notary USA provides auto notary and document signing services for car dealerships. These services are necessary to ensure accurate and valid transactions in the auto industry.

Protecting Against Fraud

Identity theft and credit fraud are two very common and serious crimes that significantly impact auto dealerships and lenders. Implementing professional document signing services can help prevent dealerships being subject to claims from victims who did not sign the necessary documents to complete the transaction.

Identity thieves may use fake ids for financing purposes. They use this tactic even more when document signing services occur offsite. Auto notary services minimize this risk by having professional notaries who are familiar with identification processes carefully inspect identification documents and ensure that the proper identification is provided before commencing any signing services.

Offsite Auto Notary Signing

American Notary USA provides signing agents for notarization at your location of choice. We travel to your dealership or other location to provide you with convenient access to professional notaries. Our professionals who complete offsite automotive notary signings control access to documents through each step of the process. Emergency notary services are not offered by the American Notary USA.  We believe that these services expose your business to a greater degree of fraud and we seek to protect your interests. Rather, we schedule an appointment at a time and location that are convenient for you and your customers.

End of the Month Services for Auto Signing

End of the month is typically the busiest time for car dealers who are trying to clear out inventory before the next month rolls around. We provide signing agents for notarization who can tend to the documentation while sellers focus on meeting their monthly quotas on the sales floor.

Why Choose American Notary USA

American Notary USA connects professional dealerships with professional notaries. We keep your best interests in mind and adapt business strategies that protect your business from customer claims and eliminate or reduce fraudulent identification and claims. We offer fast, reliable and accurate execution of documents and provide a professional signing and notarization process.

If you need assistance with month’s end auto signing services or the signing and notarization process, contact American Notary USA for more information.