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Identification Badge

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 11/21/2020

  Identity theft - the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private information, usually for financial gain It's an invasion of privacy, a criminal act punishable by imprisonment. It happens when we are going about our daily tasks, living, working, playing, shopping, or just trying to stay healthy. Thieves are all around us, seeking whom they can devour. One of the easiest ways for... Read More

Let's Make it Personal!

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 11/9/2020

By Contributing Writer Jae Ad-Jonz on November 8, 2020 The job description of a notary public is a sensitive one. It places a high premium on accountability and honesty partly because of the confidentiality involved in the notary process and the need to keep the notary free from any undue influence that unnecessary exposure might bring, especially when serious documents are about to be notarized... Read More

American Notary USA Spotlight Commerce City, Colorado Susan Fry

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 11/7/2020

American Notary USA Spotlight Commerce City, Colorado Susan Fry By Contributing Writer Jae Ad-Jonz on November 7, 2020 American Notary USA’s spotlight of the week is Ms. Susan Fry of Fry Mobile Notary Services, located in Commerce City, Colorado. Ms.Fry is a multi-faceted, 30 year veteran in the business and information technology sectors. Highly educated and skilled in the technology arena, she’s held various leadership positions to include Support... Read More

Partnership With SIGNiX The Power To Perform RON On Your Own Schedule

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 10/21/2020

Being and staying competitive separates a thriving business from a stagnant, unprosperous one. As a notary, specifically during these trying times, it is essential to be "in the know" about what it takes to compete in this ever-growing, ever so popular industry.   American Notary USA understands that every notary and their business needs to have a platform to advertise, operate, and conduct their... Read More

NotaryGadget The Ultimate Software For Mobile Notaries

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 10/17/2020

American Notary USA Partnered With NotaryGadget  The Ultimate Software for Mobile Notaries Innovation is the key to a businesses’ successful future. Being and staying competitive can mean the difference in a thriving business with new customers arriving daily or being in a stagnate position, barely keeping your head above water while watching your clients being lured over to your competitor. American Notary USA recognizes the growing trend for automation. It has partnered with Notary... Read More

American Notary USA Spotlight Richmond, Virginia Signing Agent Vera Johnson

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 10/12/2020

American Notary USA Spotlight Richmond, Virginia Signing Agent Vera Johnson This week’s notary spotlight goes to Ms. Vera Johnson, owner of Unique Mobile Notary, LLC. Ms.Johnson is a mobile notary/loan signing agent who hails from Richmond, VA. After being a Notary Public for two years, she decided to broaden her horizon and expand her knowledge and potential, so she turned her attention towards becoming a loan signing agent, parlaying that knowledge into a business. A... Read More

American Notary USA Spotlight Arlington,Texas Signing Agent Andrea Guadiana

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 9/24/2020

American Notary USA Arlington,Texas Signing Agent Andrea Guadiana What is Arlington, Texas, famous for? Perhaps best known for its recreational and sports attractions like the  Six Flags Over Texas Amusement Park and The Washington Senators baseball team moved to their new home at Turnpike Stadium (now Ameriquest Field), later becoming the Texas Rangers!  From big business and industry to small business associates, the city has many areas that will draw... Read More

American Notary USA Spotlight San Antonio, Texas Signing Agent Kendra Lewis

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 9/10/2020

American Notary USA Spotlight San Antonio, Texas Signing Agent Kendra Lewis Basic……what does it mean? Forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental; the facts or principles of a subject or skill? These terms are very fitting for this week’s spotlight notary, Ms. Kendra Lewis, Owner and Founder of Notary Signing Agent Basics! Ms. Lewis is a seasoned Notary Signing Agent hailing from San Antonio, TX; she has 18 plus years of experience as a mortgage loan... Read More

American Notary USA Spotlight Oklahoma City, OK Signing Agent Robert Lockwood

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 8/7/2020

American Notary USA Spotlight Oklahoma City, OK Signing Agent Robert Lockwood The term serviceman refers to an enlisted member of the armed forces. A veteran (from Latin “Vetus” meaning & quote;old & quote;) is a person who has had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field, no longer serving in military discipline. The state of Oklahoma, known for its cowboy culture and surrounded by working oil wells, has numerous veteran attractions that... Read More

American Notary USA Spotlight Cypress, Texas Signing Agent Sharon Robinson

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 8/5/2020

Sharon Robinson In an unincorporated community nestled inside Harris County in Texas, located along U.S. Highway 290, the Northwest Freeway in Houston, is one of the area’s newest notary public services and American Notary USA’s Spotlight of the week, Ms. Sharon Robinson, founder and owner of SMR Mobile Notary! After being retired from the Engineering/Manufacturing industry for more than 35 years as a Document... Read More