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How to Create an Effective Online Notary Profile

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 12/15/2022

How to Create an Effective Online Notary Profile As a mobile notary, your online profile is like the front door of your business – make sure it looks inviting! Here are some tips to ensure you're showcasing yourself attractively and professionally. Make sure to include details about qualifications and experience -- this will let customers know why they should select you for their job. On the other hand, be wary of including too much personal... Read More

The Best Accounting Software for Busy Notaries and Signing Agents

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 12/11/2022

Make Accounting Easier with NotaryGadget!  Are you a notary or signing agent looking for an easier way to manage your finances? If so, NotaryGadget is the super easy accounting software designed specifically with notaries and signing agents in mind. This accounting software simplifies every aspect of your financial life - from invoicing to payment tracking to expense tracking - making it the... Read More

What is a Medallion Signature Guarantee? " Often mistakenly referred to as a "Medallion Notary" or "Medallion Stamp."

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 12/7/2022

Notaries working in banks or financial institutions may be asked to provide customers with a "Medallion Signature Guarantee." It's important to understand that this request is not a notarial act, but a special type of signature guarantee provided within the banking industry. To help you know what a Medallion Signature Guarantee is, let's look at what it does and why it's used. What Does it Do? A... Read More

The Do's and Don'ts of Video Posting for your Notary Business

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 12/4/2022

The Dos and Don'ts of Video Posting for your Notary Business In today's digital age, video is an increasingly popular tool for businesses to communicate with their target audiences. While video can be a great way to engage potential customers, it's important to remember that not all videos are appropriate for all businesses. In the notary business, we sometimes see outrageous video postings that are not good for your image. Outrageous videos are not... Read More

What Notaries Can Do to Help Stop the Rise of Fraud in the US

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 11/10/2022

In today's digital age, the internet is rife with fraudsters. Fraud cases are rising, costing people their private information and significant financial losses. According to a survey last year, American consumers reported losing more than $5.8 billion to fraud, while almost 2.8 million consumers filed fraud reports. Some of the typical fraud schemes include peddling fake health products and... Read More

American Notary USA Spotlight Columbus, OH Signing Agent Ashley Wimbley

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 11/9/2022

American Notary USA Spotlight Columbus, OH Signing Agent Ashley Wimbley Writer: Jae Ad-Jonz 11/09/2022 Essential notarial duties require oaths/affirmations and acknowledgments. In addition, notaries are expected to know and honor what their state laws allow them to do.  Some document transactions require that the signer make a formal declaration before a notary, thereby "acknowledging" the execution (signing) of the document. Other document transactions require that... Read More

American Notary USA Spotlight Houston, TX Signing Agent Toshia Watson

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 8/29/2022

American Notary USA Spotlight Houston, TX Signing Agent Toshia Watson Writer: Jae Ad-Jonz 08/29/2022 Being new at anything takes will, dedication, and patience to gain, maintain, and time to become proficient at your undertaking. That’s what American Notary USA has found in this week’s Spotlight Notary, Ms.Toshia Watson, Your Mobile Notary of Houston, TX. Ms. Watson is a new Texas Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent. Dawning a background in human services and... Read More

American Notary USA Spotlight Beverly Hills, CA Signing Agent Olga Abuaita

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 8/18/2022

Writer: Jae Ad-Jonz 08/18/2022 Beverly Hills has a global reputation for its celebrity residents and guests, grand homes and flagship stores along Rodeo Drive, unique architecture, breathtaking parks and gardens, gourmet food, and specialty shops. As a person legally authorized by a state government to administer oaths, witness the signing of documents, and deter fraud by verifying the identity... Read More

StampIt.Ink: We Believe In The Power of Stamps!

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 7/10/2022

11/26/2023 We believe in the power of stamps; they play a critical role in your business and personal life. That is why at, we offer only the highest quality Xstamper and Trodat products. Our products are precision crafted to deliver superior results uniformly. So whether you are looking for a notary stamp, dater, message stamp, clothing marker, monogram or create a custom stamp.... Read More

American Notary USA Spotlight Bronx, New York Signing Agent Stephen Reich

Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 7/7/2022

Writer: Jae Ad-Jonz 07/07/2022 Times change and we have to learn to change with them. That is what makes this week's spotlight Notary, Mr. Stephen Reich, the prime example of the impact that a notary can have on another individual’s life as a result of hearing, listening, and acting. Stephen Reich is the owner of Stephen’s Notary Services hailing from Bronx, New York! A veteran and master of his... Read More