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American Notary USA "Top Pick"

Contributor Writer: Jae Ad-Jonz 9/12/2021

Many fears and questions loom about safety and security when operating online. Safety refers to protection from accidents, misfortunes, outside forces. Security eludes to protection from deliberate dangers and threats.

In a day and age where life now happens “online,” much of what we do and who we are now transpiring or at least, creates an online presence. For example, applying for credit, jobs, filling out and signing documents and forms has always required “a signature,” and today it still does!

How this task is performed, and the authenticity of the Signing makes all of the difference in the world when it comes to keeping you, your identity, and your personal information “hidden.” 

How it is now captured remains a big concern and question alike. It’s for that reason that American Notary USA has selected as the month’s Top Picks, a company that stands head-& shoulder above the rest in digital platforms, secured signing, digital signatures, and technology all around, Secured Signing, LLC!  

Secured Signing is a digitally savvy company that provides regulated compliant and comprehensive software that acts as a service platform, utilizing a safe, secure, and personalized digital signature technology comprised of a full range of customizable eForms for full range digital signings.  A digital signature is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software, or digital document, usually deemed legally binding in the same manner as a traditional handwritten signature.

Their Mission:

To provide software as a Service (SaaS) applications based on personalized X509 PKI digital signature technology to enable secure fill-in and Sign documents. By using the Secured Signing platform, companies and organizations of all sizes can streamline processes, cut back on expenses, expedite delivery cycles, improve staff efficiency, and enhance customer service while promoting a green environment. 

Secured Signing has built its activities based on its team of experts' extensive knowledge and experience in developing data security products and technology that serve a wide range of industries worldwide. Are you a Notary looking for a Remote Online Notary Platform with Secured Signing, you can run your own Remote Notary Business with no large monthly fees or setup costs. Learn more @Secure Digital Signing and American Notary USA