"Our Top Picks"


Contributor writer: Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 5/21/2021

Our “Top pick” is a dynamic and innovative company hailing from Virginia’s State Capital, Richmond – Wilson West Studio, for this month! Wilson West Studio, owned and operated by Mr. Michael Wilson, is a fresh and unique advertising and web design visionary that brings the best of technology, graphics, color, and ideas together, producing captivating and distinctive advertising and design concepts that gets you and your business attention and awareness among your competitors locally, regionally, nationally and of course virtually!

Mr. Wilson is a prolific thinker, intuitive and inventive, producing out-of-the-box ideas and creating uniquely crafted concepts for industries locally and nationally.  Additionally, they are specialists in creating the many little things that make your business move efficiently and effectively, such as logos, stationery, signs, and electronic billboards that garner attention through effective communication methods.

From brand imagery, business systems, and brochures to microsites (mini-web pages displaying branded marketing content of a business/industry) and infographics (marketing materials containing a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives a brief overview of a business or topic), Wilson West Studio seeks to challenge your thinking and to combine it with their innovative tools to produce stand-out and stand-alone advertising and marketing products that they deem, “second to none”!

In their own words, “We do excellent work and evaluate and modify our efforts to make sure it does what we started out to do: Change perception & create demand in an interesting way.” 

Regardless of the size of your business, Wilson West Studio stands ready to create, conceptualize and design for all of your needs with costs that are competitive as well as affordable.

American Notary USA is proud to have connected with Mr. Michael Wilson, owner/founder of Wilson West Studio, had the opportunity to utilize the services and to select WWS as this month’s “Top Pick’ in the business industry!  Learn more @ wilsonweststudio.com