Notary + Title Company = All-Around Success

Notary + Title Company = All-Around Success

Contributor writer Jae Ad-Jonz 11/16/2021

American Notary USA (ANUSA) prides itself on being a premier conduit for connecting clients to Notary Publics and Signing Agents, aiming to build an elite culture of legal professionals offering various services across the USA with committed members ready to serve private citizens, big businesses, loan offices, medical facilities, and title companies, mobile or electronically, at the customer's discretion.

"How Can We Help You?"

A Notary Public is an authorized official designated and licensed by the state to bear witness to the signing of important documents. They are sworn to screen documents for authenticity, identify the signees and authorize their awareness of the content and validity of the documents they are about to bear witness by providing their signature.

A title company is positioned to verify that the title to the real estate is legitimately given to the home buyer, certifying that the seller has the right to sell the property to the potential buyer. Acting as a closing agent, the title company is responsible for drafting documents, obtaining the buyer's and seller's signatures, making sure that all documents are sent to the right people, and distributing funds to all parties. These two entities can work together to assist one another by partnering with a select Notary Public/Signing Agent who will be dedicated to handling all notarial acts necessary to conduct notary and signing agent duties.  

How does the process work?

When a title company contacts American Notary USA requesting a Notary/Signing Agent's services, they will need to state the scope of work, the date and time slated for the appointment, along with the city, state, and zip code where the Notarial act is needed.

ANUSA polls its directory of qualified notary professionals, selects and contacts the Notary Public/Signing Agent directly, via phone and email, sharing the title company's name and all pertinent information for the appointment.  Once the Notary Public/Signing Agent contacts the title company, schedules, and carries out the notarial act, the notary/agent will receive payment directly from the title company per the agreement made before accepting the assignment. The turnaround time that it takes to carry out his task is approximately 30 minutes or less. Last but not least, there is no cost to the title companies for this service!

Why might it be in the best interest of both parties to join forces in business?  

ANUSA knows that this type of collaborative effort would create a single point of contact between the Notary and the title company, which builds relationships between persons who understand the other party's specific needs and stands ready to meet those needs at each other's discretion in person or electronically.

It also creates a convenience for the client in having all of the necessary personnel in place and available at the time of signing to solidify and seal the notarial act. Additionally, a local Notary Public/Signing Agent will have the knowledge and expertise necessary to keep title companies in compliance with all parties to a transaction, relieving the closer and loan originator of added angst when dealing with a multi-state transaction creating a win-win situation for the Notary, the title company and most of all, the client.  Two are better than one, meaning that we can do bigger and better things together. So let's be better together as notaries start to connect with title companies, and title companies start to designate select notaries and signing agents to be ready and available at their client's discretion resulting in a "Notary Public + Title Company = an All-Around Success"!