Identification Badge


Identity theft - the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private information, usually for financial gain

It's an invasion of privacy, a criminal act punishable by imprisonment. It happens when we are going about our daily tasks, living, working, playing, shopping, or just trying to stay healthy. Thieves are all around us, seeking whom they can devour. One of the easiest ways for thieves to access your personal information is through your ID, i.e., driver's licenses, work badge/access card, or social security card.

Trick thieves up at their own game by leaving your personal ID in a secured spot and getting a Notary Public ID Badge from American Notary USA. The only information that appears on your notary stamp or seal will be included, along with an emblem, logo, if any, and photo of your choice.

The PVS badge comes with a free Lanyard, Case, and Belt Clip for $12.00, including shipping & handling. Please review all information for accuracy before completing the payment process—item ships in 2 business days. Create Your ID Badge Today!