Exciting news today: Serving Well and prospering

Exciting news about Remote Online Education

Contributor writer: Jeannie Franks 9/19/2021

Serving well and prospering in any field takes commitment, education, and connection.

Three years ago, I began my journey as a Remote Online Notary in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Since then, I have notarized over one thousand documents online where the signers were located all over
the United States and overseas. At the same time, I have been able to mentor commissioned notaries and serve as a distinguished guest speaker at the National Notary Association Annual conference. Moreover, being a member of the American Notary USA has connected me to amazing people who I still do business with today. On that note, I will tell you now about the exciting news on the Remote Online Notarization field.

Today, commissioned notaries at States where Remote Online Notarization has officially been approved can get CNVTA certified by the Cyber Notary Virtual Training Academy. This academy, also known as CNVTA, is dedicated
to training Remote Online Notaries, so notaries enhance their professional RON services. The certification provides foundational layers of RON knowledge any Remote Online Notary can use today no matter what State the notary public
is commissioned at. Members of American Notary USA get a 15% discount when registering for the CNVTA certification online course.

The CNVTA certification course is only the beginning of getting well-shaped as a RON notary in the USA. CNVTA offers other online courses known as "Refreshers." These "Refreshers" are short and to the point. Some of the topics available are RON Notary Seal Explained and Marketing Strategies for RON Notaries. As time passes by, you will see more topics available. Best of, they are only $5. When you are a member of the American Notary USA, they will be less than $5 to you.

More exciting news about CNVTA. On October 9 of 2021, the CNVTA will be offering the first of its kind online Master class designed for Remote Online Notaries who want to be Remote Notary Signing Agents.  If you are already an NSA who wants to expand your NSA business as Remote NSA, or how the CNVTA puts it, "RNSA" or "RLSA," this online Master class is for you. Visit https://www.CNVTA.club for more information. Click on "Live Online."

As you get equipped by the CNVTA, also stay informed. Subscribed to the American Notary USA Newsletter, The Notarial (NotaryNow.club
newsletter), and CyberNow (CNVTA's Newsletter). The subscription to these newsletters is free. When you register for any CNVTA online course, two of the three newsletter subscriptions come with the registration.

This is all from me for now. Embrace your notarial service and business with the best of you and with what is here for you to help you grow and shine.

Be safe, serve well, and prosper.

Jeannie Franks