American Notary USA Spotlight San Antonio, Texas Signing Agent Kendra Lewis

American Notary USA Spotlight San Antonio, Texas Signing Agent Kendra Lewis

Basic……what does it mean? Forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental; the facts or principles of a subject or skill? These terms are very fitting for this week’s spotlight notary, Ms. Kendra Lewis, Owner and Founder of Notary Signing Agent Basics!

Ms. Lewis is a seasoned Notary Signing Agent hailing from San Antonio, TX; she has 18 plus years of experience as a mortgage loan originator, processor, and notary signing agent.

She prides herself on her knowledge and ease of walking the most hesitant and apprehensive clients genteelly through the signing process, leaving trails of smiles and satisfied customers!

She consistently provides professional and reliable mobile notary and signing agent services to the mortgage, real estate, and title companies throughout the US.

As a commissioned notary public since 2004, her experience includes real estate closings, purchases, refinances, loans, lines of credit, HECM reverse mortgages, Am Trust, and structured settlements. To top it all off, she has a YouTube channel where she frequently shares need-to-know tidbits of notary basics and up-to-the-minute notary topics that keep all listening ears “up to par” on the latest and greatest things happening in the Notary Public Arena!

Having this information, you’ll probably agree that there’s nothing “basic” about this all-around Notary Signing Agent Basis Professional and American Notary USA’s Spotlight notary of the week, Ms. Kendra Lewis! SigningAgentbasics