American Notary USA Spotlight New York Signing Agent Leilan Robinson

American Notary USA Spotlight New York Signing Agent Leilan Robinson

Southern New York has many attributes. Often referred to as "Upstate New York," it encompasses New York's 17th Congressional District, which includes all of Rockland County, and portions of central and northwestern Westchester County, including the city of White Plains and the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.

Full of business, industry, and redevelopment, there is always someone and something available to address every want and need!
American Notary USA would like to introduce you to a lady who can address and meet many of the business and professional needs of that region, our spotlight notary of the week, Ms. Leilan Robinson, owner of Leilans' Mobile Notary Service LLC.  

Ms. Robinson is an administrative professional with 25 plus years in the business sector. She's a Notary Signing Agent, certified to ensure that real estate loan documents are correctly executed by the borrower, notarized, and returned for final processing.

Another hat worn by our Ms. Robinson is one of a licensed Real Estate Agent, proficient in the areas of mortgages, closings, modifications, reverse mortgages, commercial loans, and HELOCs.
She provides on the spot notarizations, equipped with mobile printing, faxing, and scanning for the convenience of quick delivery and processing of time-sensitive documents.

If credentials and numbers are essential to you, Ms. Robinson's career record dawns over 2500 loan signings and 5000 notarizations. How about those figures?  
Do you live in, near, or about the Upstate New York area? Do you have questions as to whether or not your document needs to be notarized? Are you seeking information on a property? Are you just curious as to what other administrative services she provides, refer to the website of American Notary USA's Spotlight of the Week, Leilan Robinson of Leilans' Mobile Notary Service LLC