American Notary USA Spotlight Mansfield,Texas Certified Electronic Notary Melissa Johnson Eldridge

Certified Texas Electronic Notary Public Melissa Johnson Eldridge

Melissa Johnson Eldridge is a Commissioned and bonded Texas Online Notary Public and owner of Certified Texas Electronic Notary Public.

Melissa performs loan signings, general notary work, mobile notary services and she’s the only Remote Online Notary trainer in the state of Texas. She currently provides training throughout the State of Texas, Virginia, and are looking to add other Remote Notarization states such as Nevada, North Carolina, etc. Melissa has been recognized by the only independent online notary platform DocVerify as an Electronic and Web remote notary trainer, and America Notary USA Association. She offers training via classroom, zoom conferences, as well as to companies who are transitioning their notaries to online.

Although Online notary was new in the State of Texas in 2018, Melissa embraced the changes and became a warrior for the online notary. She brings so much energy and positive vibes in the notary industry and encourages others to do the same. It is beliefs that for us to continue to grow, we must allow our mindsets to adapt to change.

Melissa is a driving force of online notary in the State of Texas and has worked with 3 of the most leading companies in Remote Online Notary in the nation. She is continuously looking to educate herself on the new laws, policies, regulations, platforms, and trends in the notary.

Although her hands are full of daily notary responsibilities, Melissa is the founder of a new notary Facebook group name 21st Century Notary Electronic and Web Remote but embraces every notary on every level. She created this group to allow all notaries from beginner to senior, to share ideas, collaborate, design, and provide support in a positive learning environment. If you are a notary on any level, you want to be amongst this positive notary environment!

Melissa enjoys working with all notaries and helping notaries discover their niche has become a passion of hers in the notary business. She believes in assisting notaries in laying the blueprint to their business, and she loves to encourage and mentor notaries daily.

Melissa has a Master’s degree in Criminal Law and has worked with legal documents on the state and federal level for over ten years. She’s a full-time high school Law and Public Safety teacher, the mother of 3 beautiful children, and have an excellent support team! Want to contact Melissa for more information or booking? Please contact her on the information below.

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