American Notary USA Spotlight Greensboro, North Carolina Signing Agent Nivendia Sullivan

Contributor writer: Jae Ad-Jonz submitted 6/21/2021

Small businesses are now becoming a “big deal”! The National Pandemic sparked a spirit of “I must survive,” and new entrepreneurs are popping up almost daily! One such contender in North Carolina is American Notary USA’s Spotlight of the Week, and that is Ms. Nivendia Sullivan, Sole Proprietor of NS Mobile Notary.

It is stated that an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or business, taking on more significant financial risks in hopes of becoming a success. That is Ms. Sullivan! She is a professional black-owned business owner servicing in the Triad Area of North Carolina.

Specializing in closings, purchases, refinances, wills, power of attorney, notary basics, and signing agent training and taxes, no task is too great or too small for her to undertake. Aside from speaking English, she is also affluent in English, Creole Haitian & Amp; French. Because she is mobile, she can meet you at the location of your choice!

Ms. Sullivan states, “I bring positive energy, pride, and professionalism, along with the stamp that makes all your documents official! As a Notary Public and Tax Agent, my lawful and civic duty is to provide all services on the foundation of integrity and truth. I am proud of my opportunity and ability to service the community around me as a trusted member. In advance, I would like to thank you for your trust and business.”

NC State, if you seek Notary services, tax help, or thinking of refinancing or purchasing a home and have questions or concerns, Please contact American Notary USA’s Spotlight of the Week, Ms. Nivendia Sullivan, Sole Proprietor of NS Mobile Notary. Learn more @ Nivendia Sullivan Profile, LSNS Consulting, LLC, and NS Mobile Notary