American Notary USA Spotlight Columbus, OH Signing Agent Ashley Wimbley

American Notary USA Spotlight Columbus, OH Signing Agent Ashley Wimbley

Writer: Jae Ad-Jonz 11/09/2022

Essential notarial duties require oaths/affirmations and acknowledgments. In addition, notaries are expected to know and honor what their state laws allow them to do. 

Some document transactions require that the signer make a formal declaration before a notary, thereby "acknowledging" the execution (signing) of the document. Other document transactions require that the signer swear an oath or affirm to a notary, under penalty of perjury, that the contents of a document are true.

At other times, a notary is asked to witness an individual's signing of an instrument (document) that requires neither an acknowledgment nor an oath/affirmation. To be "victorious" at notary work, you must know your duties as a notary and your state's requirements for operation. That is the bases of our selection of this week's spotlight notary, Ms. Ashley Wimberley, owner of Victorious Notary Solutions, LLC. 

Ms. Wimbley is an experienced notary and Loan Signing Agent from the State of Ohio. In her own words, "The essence of her performance is that she "understands that an incomplete signing can cost a borrower to lose a rate lock, miss a close of escrow, or pay more money out of pocket. By walking the borrowers through their loan packages, we ensure they understand their signing documents. "We guarantee all forms are filled out." 

Victorious Notary Solutions, LLC will travel to clients to handle all of their transactions which includes everything from powers of attorney and all forms of real estate documents to include closings, refinances, reverse mortgages, healthcare-related documents, wills, trusts, school forms, relocation packages, insurance claims, immigration, vehicle title transfers and a plethora of other services—generally serving Greater Columbus available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by appointment. 

American Notary USA recognizes Ms. Ashley Wimbley of Victorious Notary Solutions, LLC as its Spotlight Notary of the Week!
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