American Notary USA Notary Spotlight of the Week Lafayette, Indiana Signing Agent KaSheena Wilbur

American Notary USA Spotlight KaSheena Wilbur Owner Goldline Notary

The word “line” has many definitions. It can be an individual telephone extension, a short letter or a narrow, elongated mark drawn or projected to highlight, stand out, and to bring one’s attention. There are blurred lines, fine lines, and broken lines everywhere you turn. The bottom line is American Notary USA’s selection for this week’s Notary Spotlight, Ms. KaSheena Wilber, founder of Goldline Notary, located in Layfette, IN!

Servicing the counties of Benton, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Howard, Jasper, Montgomery, Newton, White, and Tippecanoe, Ms. Wilbur is a seasoned legal professional. Certified as a Notary Signing Agent, she also holds an Indiana Title Producer License. Aside from her connection here at American Notary USA, she holds a membership with other excellent notary associations to include Notary Depot, National Notary Association, and Notary Rotary.

Her love to be connected as well as to connect others speaks to her background which includes working in the disciplines of case management, communications, dispatching, mediation, and public safety.

Between the colorful lines of public safety lies a fine gold line. This line represents those who rarely are seen but mostly heard....dispatchers. The GOLDEN line that connects the assistance necessary to bring comfort back to its rightful place!

KeSheena believes that Goldline Notary represents a fusion of her dual passions; dispatching and certifying documents for clients, which birthed the name of her company, Goldline Notary, rendering services that shine bright both day and night!

American Notary USA is proud to recognize Ms.KaSheena Wilbur & Goldline Notary as this week’s Spotlight Notary of the week! Learn more about KeSheena visit GoldlineNotary