American Notary USA: Notary for Real Estate Transactions

During the closing process, hundreds of documents may need to be signed by multiple parties. Many of these documents require the acknowledgment of a real estate notary public.

At American Notary USA, we provide professional notary for real estate documents to ensure a prompt and seamless process during real estate transactions. Some of the benefits that we provide include:

Notary for Real Estate Closings

The mortgage loan process is comprised of many sequential steps, including:

  • The borrower finds a lender and completes a loan application.
  • The borrower finds a home he or she is interested in purchasing or asks for improvements on his or her existing home.
  • The lender begins a title search.
  • The lender prepares a number of documents.
  • An appraisal is completed on the home.
  • The borrower signs the prepared documents with an authorized mortgage signing agent.

The notary for real estate closings is a critical part of this process.

At American Notary USA, we connect lenders, real estate companies and realtors with a professional notary mortgage closer.

Traveling Signing Agent for Real Estate Closings - Mobile

Our professional notaries understand all of the steps involved in real estate transactions and that time is of the essence during these deals.

That is why we have a professional mobile notary public for realtors who is available at any time, day or night, to provide professional notary services. We are willing to work at any time of the day or night and want all closings to be carried out without any logistical hitches or delays.

We ensure that everyone who is present is properly identified, signed in the necessary locations and conducted a valid real estate transaction.

We provide professional mortgage, title, mobile and escrow signing agents for any real estate transaction. We seek to aid in the rapid closing of real estate transactions while keeping clients informed throughout each step of the process.

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Our professional notary for real estate transactions can provide quick, smooth closings and assistance with other real estate transactions. Our hassle-free approach makes real estate transactions as easy and efficient as possible. Our courteous and friendly staff is available for appointments and mobile transactions to meet you at your convenience. Contact American Notary USA to find out more about our service offerings.