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Signing Agent Basics

Contributor writer: Jae Ad-Jonz submitted on 2/9/2021

In keeping up with the changing times, American Notary USA wants you to prosper and aims to "keep in the know"! In doing so, I've asked our Contributing Writer and Editor in Chief, Jaé Addison-Jones (Ad-Jones Notary & Administrative Services), to lend her pen and thoughts to creating and introducing our newest segment, "American Notary USA's Top Picks" which will appear on our website monthly!

What is a top-pick?

A "top pick" is chosen carefully and deliberately from a batch of collected materials, groups, items, individuals, information, etc. That stands out and seems to be "a cut above" the rest!

Our first "top pick" lends thought to pertinent, clear, and concise information that every Notary who aspires to become a Notary Signing Agent and be successful as a result of should lend attention, eyes, and time to its content.

Subject: Signing Agent Advanced Training Program by Ms. Kendra Lewis of Notary Signing Agent Basics, San Antonio, TX!

Ms. Lewis is no armature at her craft! With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry as a mortgage loan originator, mortgage loan processor, and Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent, she prides herself on taking specific time to walk aspiring and new Signing Agents through the steps, equipping them with what they need to become an efficient, productive and profitable Notary Signing Agent!

In the Signing Agent Advanced Training Program, she teaches step by step basic information and concepts necessary to become Signing Agents! Her processes are quick, easy to follow as well as being budget-friendly! 

Ms. Lewis states that "one of the specific things that make her Signing Agent Advanced Training Program special is that I strongly focus on the three main loan types that Signing Agents will run into - Purchase / Buyers documents, Sellers Documents and Refinance documents. I do this because these are the three main types of packages that Signing Agents will be required to complete when seeking to secure contracts for higher-paying, direct business title companies, and attorneys! While working with signing companies is fine, my goal is to teach Signing Agents what they need to know to get higher-paying, direct business!"  Learn more @ 

Her Signing Agent Advanced Training Program consists of 4 training modules:

How to Explain the CD and Settlement Statement

How to Explain the Other Loan Documents

How to Prep Documents and Spot Issues


That's over 8 HOURS of advanced video instruction! Students also get instant access to 5 Mock Closing Videos! That's almost another hour of videos showing you exactly what to do and to say at a loan signing, a set of sample loan documents (nearly 200 pages of sample loan documents with notes and explanations on just about every page), and over 50 pages of additional written training information! And the training is self-paced! How about that? You can train on your own time and at your leisure, on a schedule that works for you!

Students that sign up for the Exclusive or Elite level training also receive access to monthly live Q&A video sessions and access to the replays of all of those Q&A sessions! That's an additional 12+ hours of training that is available to students every year! Exclusive or Elite level students also receive access that allows them to personally connect with Ms. Lewis to ask questions 24 hours a day, in a private Facebook group or by email!

 No matter which level of training that's selected, access to the training and her assistance HAS NO EXPIRATION DATE! She's always there to help her students succeed! Learn more @ Signing Agent Training Program